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Smooth Feather Youth Conjures ”The Queen of Hearts”

March 9, 2022
Joining Michael Azevedo on this episode of Making Media Now are three representatives from a unique and inspiriting organization called Smooth Feather Youth.
Smooth Feather Youth is a non-profit that was founded in 2017 by one of my guests, Silas Hagerty. Recently, members of Smooth Feathers’ Youth Film School completed a short film called, "The Queen of Hearts”. The film premiered at a sold out showing at the Nickelodeon Cinema in Portland Maine as part of the Maine Film Assocations's 72 Hour Winter Film Challenge! Two students—James Wing, who directed the film and Cassidy Shea, one of the film’s stars—joined Silas Hagerty to speak me about the film making program and what it took to write, cast, shoot and edit a film in 72 hours!
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