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Composer Tom Phillips Sets the Score

September 9, 2021

It's episode #42 of Making Media Now and host Michael Azevedo is chatting with composer and musician Tom Phillips

Tom’s credits include well over 500 films for national broadcast networks such as PBS, ABC, CBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E and HBO, and he’s h amassed an impressive list of industry awards. His scores are regularly heard on national broadcast television, including the Antiques Roadshow theme, programs for American Experience, and for Nova. 

His resume includes four national Emmy winners as well as many other Emmy nominated films, including "Freedom Riders" which won 3 national primetime Emmys. He has scored many independent films which have won film festivals including multiple Sundance Film Festival winners such as "The Murder of Emmett Till".

Among his most recent work is his score for the documentary "Attica," which will open this year’s Toronto film festival on September 9 and be featured on Showtime later this month. 
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Sound Engineer: A.J. Kierstead 

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