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Cob Carlson Captures the Sights and Sounds of ”The Greatest Radio Station in the World”

June 22, 2022

Joining host Michael Azevedo on this episode is documentary filmmaker Cob Carlson. Cob recently completed production on a documentary called The Greatest Radio Station in the WorldThe film provides a rich and entertaining history of radio station WPKN, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. WPKN began as the University of Bridgeport’s college radio station in 1963. It has been operating as a listener-supported, community-based radio station since 1989. In addition to featuring lot of great music, The Greatest Radio Station in the World, the film features a diverse cast of characters, sharing their personal, idiosyncratic stories, speaking passionately about their love of music, news, politics, health, cars, organic gardening, space exploration, and culture.

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Sound Engineer: A.J. Kierstead 


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